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General Evacuation Training
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This emergency evacuation course is designed to assist in planning for emergencies in facilities. The desired training outcome is to increase the safety of building occupants in an emergency situation.

Target Audience

This course is designed to form part of an organisation's emergency safety training. This training course also trains learners in emergency procedures, emergency planning and what to include in an emergency action plan. The course complements organisation evacuation drills and other occupational safety initiatives, such as emergency evacuation training.

This training is designed to assist with the application and development of evacuation procedures and form part of emergency evacuation training. The course is not specific to just fire emergency training, but also chemical spills, weather; including bushfire; and includes a section on active armed offender emergencies.

Emergency Evacuation Course and WHS regulations

WHS regulations across Australia require workplaces to prepare an emergency plan. General Evacuation Training provides an understanding of what must be included in an emergency plan, why emergency evacuations occur, what occurs in an emergency, what the evacuation procedures are in an emergency evacuation. This non-accredited course is designed in-line with Australian Standard 3745 (AS 3745).

The course has been designed for all occupants of a building in Australia to satisfy necessary emergency and emergency evacuation training.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides training in:

What an emergency is and the need for emergency training.

  • Emergency planning used for prevention and preparation.
  • Roles in an emergency.
  • Emergency protection systems and emergency warning systems.
  • How to respond to an emergency.
  • Actions to take in an emergency.

Note that this course does not cover role-specific emergency responsibilities, such as those of a warden or other members of the emergency control organisation (ECO). Courses for these purposes are available in the Kineo Courses library and are designed to complement this emergency evacuation training.

Contextualised Content

Fire Training, Fire Extinguisher, Warden, Evacuation training, Emergencies, Workplace, Workplace Health and Safety, WHS, Emergency procedures, Emergency Plan, Fire and Safety, Emergency, Fire, Extinguisher, Control, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), occupant, first response, evacuation coordination, emergency officer, emergency coordinator, safety, evacuation