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Our unique off-the-shelf courses offer a wealth of knowledge from a team of reputable subject matter experts in workplace training and development. With hundreds of course titles on offer to help upskill staff online and ensure compliance, Kineo offers a new kind of digital learning.

Driven by market intelligence and industry expertise, you can access up to date compliance training, HR training, development, people and culture, health and safety training and much more. Read on to learn more about Kineo and the benefits we bring to your business.

Our approach to online learning

Our experts work to create a welcoming and friendly learning environment that cuts through the complex legislative nature of compliance or workplace training to make it easily digestible.

We have made the training experience fun and engaging and hope it's a positive experience for all.

What challenges do you face in the workplace?

There are three primary reasons why workplaces struggle when it comes to compliance training and learning and development:

• Your staff are already pressed for time
• Your budget is shrinking
• Your learning process is overly complicated

Kineo’s pre-built elearning solves all these issues. Matched to your training goals, we present a neat little package that makes learning efficient and enjoyable.

Our innovative online learning experience is coupled with a dedicated Kineo training customer success team who will ensure all the necessary materials are covered.

Learner focused modules to upskill your team

Driven by market intelligence and industry expertise, customers are at the centre of everything we do. We can guide you towards success and compliance via a meaningful experience that achieves the goals you want to achieve.

Easy to complete training will help team members to grow and succeed, contributing to a boost in the performance of your company as a whole.

The constant quest for innovation

Kineo is committed to innovating the elearning experience in a personal, relevant, and effective way for you and your team. We believe workplace learning should deliver a real impact that is measurable for both individuals and the organisation.

We do this by customising and shortening the learning, which automatically adapts based on a pre-assessment test for each user. Our Kineo training courses also cater to various learning needs, ensuring inclusiveness, anti-discrimination, and equal opportunity.

Workplace training requirements
to suit every industry

Kineo’s off-the-shelf solutions provide accurate content created in collaboration with industry experts and feature premium videography, animations and visual design.

Our mobile responsive activities and assessments are up to date with market needs, creating a learning experience that provides easy access to quality, compliance-driven content.

Companies of every size can benefit from Kineo’s library of elearning content, a cost-effective way to increase the compliance and engagement of your staff. ISO Certified for over 13 years, all elearning resources are frequently updated to ensure alignment with current legislation and best practices and delivered by a trusted advisor. Speak to us about compliance and training tailored to your workplace's needs today!

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Client Case Studies

An award-winning implementation of a learning management system (LMS) that provides autonomous learning centres for each national sporting organisation (NSO) while allowing syndication of a generic learning content library, developed by the ASC and aggregated from lead agencies within the sector.

Australian Sports Commission

The training entity of Peak Services and Kineo have been working together for over 10 years and the relationship has been a very happy one. As this has evolved over time, Peak Services has fine-tuned the needs of the councils they support, to meet their differing training requirements. These encompass indoor and outdoor styles of required learning that do not compare with other industries given the nature of the work itself. When supporting the many councils in their care, relationship development is vital for them to meet and even pre-empt the needs of the councils they support. Peak Services maintains a high level of communication with their council contacts.

Peak Services

‘OTR’ is Australia's leading 24/7 convenience chain. OTR offers supermarket deals, barista made coffee, refreshments, HappyWash or fuel, on-the-run. Global fast-food brands like Guzman y Gomez and Krispy Kreme give OTR a point of difference for high quality on-the-go sustenance.

Say hello to some of our subject matter experts.

WSP has been leading the way in risk management and compliance in Australia since 1984, and now also operates in New Zealand. WSP wants to make the world safer and that starts with the protection of People, Property, and the Environment.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is an organisation that provides family-centred therapies, life skills programs, equipment and support for people and their families living with cerebral palsy and other neurological and physical disabilities. To ensure people with cerebral palsy have access to high quality and innovative services and programs, Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides professional development and training for employees within the disability sector. We also fund important cerebral palsy research in Australia and overseas through our Research Foundation.

Melissa Sinfield
RN BHSc (Nursing) (Hons 1st class) PhD MACN

Melissa is passionate about learning and development and loves to bring aged care topics to life online. Melissa is a Registered Nurse and subject matter expert who is well placed to support the Kineo team with a PhD in aged care nursing, and with extensive aged care experience in education and quality management


CyberCX helps private and public sector organisations realise the opportunity of better cyber security in an increasingly complex and challenging threat environment through an array of services including cyber security training.


AML360 represents an all-in-one anti-money laundering risk and compliance dashboard from where business risk assessments, customer profiling, transaction monitoring, geography risks and sanction screening can be managed and monitored.

Julia Shallcrass

KiwiBoss carries on the business of delivering training and online learning on Employment and Privacy Law, Human Resources, and Leadership.

Some of our Happy Course Users

“One of the best courses I have undertaken on this subject. The information was well presented and easy to understand.”

Bullying and Harassment for Employees

Finance & Business Services Officer, Healthcare, South Australia.

"I thoroughly enjoyed updating my knowledge of medication administration. It reminded me that revising my knowledge is just as important as learning the first time."

Assist Clients with Medication

Health Care Worker,
New South Wales.

"Beautiful and an organised course. I have enjoyed every part of it. It is easy to follow. No irrelevant information added for less confusion. I would like to redo it again and again."

Basic Life Support

Private National Hospital Healthcare Worker, Australia.

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