Health, Disability and Aged Care

Person-centred Care in Aged Care

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Person-centred Care in Aged Care
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Health, Disability and Aged Care
Course Duration
40 minutes
Subject Matter Expert
Melissa Sinfield - RN BHSc (Nursing) (Hons 1st class) PhD MACN Endorser
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The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA)
This activity has been endorsed by APNA according to approved quality standards criteria. Completion of these educational activities entitles eligible participants to claim 40 CPD minutes.

This course has been designed to provide learners with an understanding of what person-centred care is, how to provide care in a person-centred way, and effective communications techniques.

Target Audience

The target audience for the course includes registered and enrolled nurses, support and care workers in residential and home care settings, food service staff, diversional therapy and administration staff.

Learning Outcomes

This course has been developed to provide staff who provide care in residential and home care settings an understanding of why person-centred care is essential, the benefits to the carer and consumer, and the principles and practices of implementing person-centred care.  

Throughout the course, learners will discover:

  • what person-centred care is
  • thinking and acting in a person-centred way
  • how to incorporate person-centred care into their everyday work
  • providing person-centred care to all consumers
  • how to practice person-centred communication
  • using active listening techniques to engage with consumers

Person-centred Care in Aged Care supports Aged Care Quality Standards 1-8.

Contextualised Content

consumer, individualised, ACQS, individual, active, listening, thinking, acting, technique, empathy, communication, body language