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Assist Clients With Medication

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Assist Clients With Medication
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Health, Disability and Aged Care
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Subject Matter Expert
Melissa Sinfield - RN BHSc (Nursing) (Hons 1st class) PhD MACN
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The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA)
This activity has been endorsed by APNA according to approved quality standards criteria. Completion of these educational activities entitles eligible participants to claim 130 CPD minutes.

This course has been developed to provide care and support workers with an understanding of how to assist clients in the residential aged care setting and/or the home and community settings with their medication needs. This course is aligned to the Unit of Competency HLTHPS006 "Assist clients with Medication."

Target Audience

The course has been designed to provide training for care and support workers in residential aged care, home and community setting.

Learning Outcomes

Older people are the largest consumers of medication in Australia. They tend to have more health problems and complex medical conditions which require them to take multiple medications. Medications can offer an alternative to surgery and improve the quality of life for older people, which in turn helps them to lead the lives they choose and maintain their independence. On the other hand, medications can also cause harm. Personal care workers and support workers need to have the knowledge and skills required to assist older people with medications safely.

Kineo Courses has rebuilt our Assist Clients with Medication course to further align with the unit of competency HLTHPS006 ‘Assist Clients with Medication’. This course will enhance the knowledge and skills your learners need to facilitate a person-centred approach to medication support. Personal care workers have a duty of care in the provision of safe medication management in their workplace. The Assist Clients with Medication course provides your learners with an understanding of:

  • how to prepare to assist clients with their medication
  • how to prepare the client for assistance with their medication
  • how to support clients with their medication
  • how to handle medication contingencies
  • how to complete medication distribution and documentation.

This course features high quality imagery, an engaging animation, interactive activities and information that focusses on the benefits of assisting clients with their medication. The updated course has a seat time of 115 minutes.

This course has been reviewed by a recognised subject matter expert in this space; Melissa Sinfield.

Contextualised Content

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