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Diabetes in Aged Care for Personal Care Workers and Support Workers

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Diabetes in Aged Care for Personal Care Workers and Support Workers
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Health, Disability and Aged Care
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Subject Matter Expert
Melissa Sinfield - RN BHSc (Nursing) (Hons 1st class) PhD MACN
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This course provides personal care workers and support workers in residential and home care settings with the tools and knowledge they need to assist consumers with diabetes confidently and safely.

Target Audience

Assisting aged care consumers to live life to the fullest should be the main focus of diabetes care.

Consumers living with diabetes have their own views, preferences, values and experiences. Staff need to work in partnership with consumers, their families, and others they want involved to ensure the best quality care.

Diabetes care is an important area for staff working in residential aged care and home care services. Staff need to carefully follow instructions in diabetes care plans to help ensure that consumer’s diabetes is managed well. Staff need to be on the lookout for complications of diabetes such as skin or foot problems, or high or low blood glucose levels. Staff may also be required to perform, or assist consumers to perform, regular blood glucose level checks. Careful management of consumer’s diabetes helps consumers stay healthy, reduces complications, and improves consumer’s quality of life and wellbeing.

This course has been designed for personal care workers and other support workers that provide care in residential aged care homes and home care settings.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners will increase their understanding of:

  • what diabetes is
  • types of diabetes
  • how diabetes can impact aged care consumers
  • common complications of diabetes
  • person-centred care for consumers with diabetes
  • how to support consumers living with dementia and diabetes

As with every Kineo Courses unit, Diabetes in Aged Care for personal care and support workers features:

  • ‘Adaptics’ pre-assessment technology
  • interactive activities and content promoting behavioural change
  • full course voiceover and WCAG 2.1 level accessibility
  • responsive design, which works on any device
  • engaging animations and rich imagery, and
  • rigorous assessments.

Additionally, the course provides learners with downloadable ‘takeaway’ resources, including an insulin pen fact sheet, and helpful posters on providing person-centred diabetes care.

The course has been reviewed by Melissa Sinfield, a recognised subject matter expert in the aged care space and supports Aged Care Quality Standards 1-8.  

Contextualised Content

Insulin, Glucose, Blood, Injection, Type 1, Type 2, Client, Consumer, Food, Diet, Levels, Blood