Under Australian aged care legislation, every aged care consumer needs to have a care plan implemented, maintained and updated in partnership with their aged care provider, whether they live in a residential aged care environment or receive home care services. This document outlines the consumer's care needs, goals, and preferences, the services they should receive to meet those needs, and who will provide them and when.  

Care plans need to be created in partnership and consultation with consumers and any others they want to be involved, such as their family members. What makes up quality care to one consumer may miss the mark for another.

A care plan should function as more than a list of clinical care requirements, it should assist staff in providing each consumer with the right level of personalised care, helping to ensure that each consumer's needs, goals, and preferences are known to both care workers and their loved ones. For example:

Mrs Chu's care plan covers the actions and strategies she needs to support not only her diabetes but also her spiritual and social needs, such as attending Sunday services and coffee catchups with her friends.  

Eric and his partner Albert have worked with Eric's aged care provider to create a care plan for Eric's end-of-life care – focusing on managing his pain and fatigue and updating as his condition changes.

Mr Ibrahim enjoys walks through the local botanical gardens but can have trouble due to arthritis in his knees. His care plan outlines an arrangement with a local volunteer service for weekly transport and assisted walks.  

Quality care supports each consumer's independence, allowing them to live the life they choose. So how can care staff effectively plan person-centred care that achieves the right level of support for each consumer? What care and services can be included in a consumer care plan? And how can staff best collaborate with consumers to ensure they receive the right care for them?

Kineo Course's 'Care Planning in Aged Care' course has been designed to provide aged care leaders, managers, registered and enrolled nurses and Community Care Coordinators with the knowledge they need to plan quality care. After completing the course, these learners will increase their understanding of:

  • Person-centred care planning
  • The steps in the care planning process
  • Developing care goals with consumers and their families  
  • Reviewing and assessing care plans, and
  • Developing and sustaining care planning partnerships.  

The course takes 40 minutes to complete and features:

  • 'Adaptics' pre-assessment technology
  • interactive activities and content promoting behavioural change
  • full course voiceover and WCAG 2.1 level accessibility
  • responsive design, works on any device
  • engaging animations and rich imagery, and  
  • rigorous assessments.  

Additionally, the course provides learners with downloadable 'takeaway' resources, designed to support care planning. These include a sample care plan, a care plan auditing tool, common assessment tools and 'tips on identifying care goals' poster.  

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