What is contextualisation in digital training?

In digital training, this is where learning content is adapted to the specific needs, experiences and understanding of the learner. It’s agame changer for learner engagement and motivation and has a plethora ofadditional benefits for both the individual and the organisation.

Many elearning courses are generic resources for use across arange of different settings to meet learning objectives, but contextualised learning materials are fit-for-purpose because one size no longer fits all in our consumer world, and nor should it.

As learners, we absorb content much better when it’s relatable to us, and the visual content and context aligns with what we experience in our daily lives. Imagine a course that aligns with your situation and delivers content specific to your location, your type of work, or environment. This learning strategy is a dream for everyone concerned. And its now a reality.

Why we are investing in contextualised learning

For 20 years, Kineo has honed its expertise in people and digital learning, adapting our high quality online courses to remain relevant and meet your workplace’s learning needs. Research shows that your workers connect better to training when they can apply learnt concepts to their reality.

We know that learner engagement isn’t just about ticking boxes.It’s about acknowledging, meeting, and improving the diverse needs of your staff; whether they’re an indoor or outdoor worker or a casual employee. No matter what the topic is, if the learning experience doesn't emotianally engage and provoke a better understanding on the subject, the learning experience will disappoint.

Kineo Courses’ newly contextualised learning activities blend the surroundings of that course (look, feel, and context) to match your learners’ point of view. Our contextualised learning materials take the look and feel of the business you work in and enable you to deliver content that isspecific to your industry, location, or role.

Contextualised courses build a better relationship with your employees by meeting the needs of your target audience. It’s a feature that allows you to connect with your workforce and make a real difference to their learning development.

Additionally, contextualisation can help bridge the gap between what learners already know and what they need to learn, making the material more accessible and easier to understand.

What are the main benefits of contextualised elearning?

Meet your organisational learning goals and build specific knowledge in your learner groups with contextualised courses that are easy to deploy and are scalable, and provide many benefits to your workplace. Key benefits include:

·           Improve employee engagement

·           Aid knowledge retention

·           Increase learner motivation

·           Reduce seat time

·           Remove training barriers

With a contextualised course, you can define your audience witha flick of a switch. If you have a mix of working environments in yourworkplace, then each group can achieve the same learning outcome. How? Because the look, feel, and content of the course is tailored to their specific pointof view and job role.

Why have organisations not embraced contextualised learning more broadly?

Learning Designers tend to focus on the training content over the learner, and often use modifications as an additional service offering or tools are provided for you to modify within the organisation which poses a high risk when dealing with compliance content when the learning material needs tobe precise.

In conclusion, contextualisation in digital learning is a key consideration for engaging your learners, making learning accessible, and inclusive for everyone involved. By adapting materials to the specific needs, experiences, and backgrounds of learners, organisations can promote a deeper understanding and engagement with the learning material. Additionally, by considering cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, organisations can help to ensure that all learners feel seen, valued and respected.

How your organisation can reap the rewards of contextualised learning

Get more connected to your learning. Make a measurable, memorable and meaningful difference in your business with contextualised learning. Ask us how we can help you apply it in your organisation.

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