Ethics and Conduct

Positive and Productive Workplace (Bullying and Harassment)

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Positive and Productive Workplace (Bullying and Harassment)
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Ethics and Conduct
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While it is recognised that some level of conflict occurs in all workplaces and some degree of creative tension may be positive, our policy recognises the requirement for appropriate behaviour and the right to raise legitimate workplace concerns. In this course, we focus on the fundamental and legal right to work in a positive environment that is free of unlawful bullying and harassment.

Target Audience

This course is designed for all employees, contractors and other workers in an organisation. The concepts and skills are designed to help expand your knowledge, skills and confidence to better perform your role and achieve your workplace goals.

Learning Outcomes

This course is from the ready2work range, which delivers invaluable learning in essential skills, personal qualities and values that will help you to thrive in your workplace. Topics covered in this course include: key components; positive relationship characteristics; managing conflict; five styles for managing conflict;  reflection; collaborative resolution process; general workplace standards.

Contextualised Content

ready2work; workplace; skills; competencies; competency; policies; procedures; knowledge; experience; relationships; conflict; reflection; resolution; standards.