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Motivation Concepts for Leaders

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Motivation Concepts for Leaders
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Leadership and Management
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It is far easier to lead and motivate if you understand and can support people's needs. This course delves into essential motivation concepts tailored for leaders, focusing on creating a productive and engaging work environment. Learn, for example, how to manage results, clarify tasks, tailor your approach, and design jobs that foster motivation and performance.

Target Audience

For aspiring and newly-appointed leaders, this course is part of the Foundation suite in our ready2lead range, designed to provide fundamental skills and insights for confidently navigating the challenges of a leadership role in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the importance of clear task definitions and allocation. Explore strategies for job design, enlargement, and enrichment to keep employees motivated. Learn about the impact of workplace conditions, job security, and the physical work environment on motivation.

Topics include: Motivation Concepts for Leaders: The Internal and External Environment – Results management – Defining, Clarifying and Allocating Tasks – Tailoring Leadership Styles – Job Design, Enlargement and Enrichment – Team Structure and Dynamic - Bridging Team Structures and Workplace Relationships - Positive Workplace Relationships and Dynamics – Performance - Motivational Characteristics - Workplace Conditions - Physical Work Environment- Job Security - Reward Systems – Financial and Non-Financial Incentives – Equitable Rewards - Grievance Structures and Disciplinary Protocols.

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