Health, Disability and Aged Care

Understanding Dementia - Effective Communication

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Health, Disability and Aged Care
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This course will teach the learner how to practise good, effective communication when caring for someone living with dementia, including verbal and non-verbal communication. It also will teach the learner to recognise when someone is communicating a need and how to fulfil these needs while maintaining dignity in care.

Target Audience

This course is designed for care workers providing care to a person living with dementia.

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to make sure you:

  • ensure the people you care for have their needs met and their dignity maintained
  • recognise when a person living with dementia is communicating an unmet need, and
  • help meet the needs and requirements of the people you care for.
behaviour, people, Aged Care Quality Standards, memory, cognitive, care, support, residential, home care, person-centred, communication