Ethics and Conduct

Bullying and Harassment for Employees

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Bullying and Harassment for Employees
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Ethics and Conduct
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This course for all employees in Australian organisations is designed to minimise the risk of bullying and harassment occurring in the workplace. The course focuses on building positive behaviours and stopping negative behaviours based on Australian legislation.

Target Audience

The course has been designed to provide training for all employees in Australian organisations.

The impact of bullying in the workplace can be detrimental to morale, staff turnover and the financial performance of an organisation. Anti-bullying initiatives, sexual harassment training and harassment prevention training are key to a safe and inclusive workplace.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides employees with an understanding of how the law defines bullying and harassment in the workplace. It also trains employees in the workplace behaviour that should be avoided to prevent bullying and harassment, and it covers what employees can do if it is occurring in their workplace.

This course provides an understanding of the following. 

  • The effects of bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  • The types of behaviour that are considered bullying and harassment.
  • How to identify bullying and harassment.
  • Employee responsibilities.
  • What to do if you or your co-workers are being bullied or harassed.

Contextualised Content

This course contains contextualisation options to suit your learners.  In addition to the general setting, which features a diverse mix of images from a range of workplaces, the course can be set to display imagery exclusively from the following industries:  

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Outdoor worker

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