A bespoke learning module to induct children, young people and family staff


Life Without Barriers

LWB is a charitable organisation supporting close to 23,000 people living in over 400 communities across the nation. LWB provides people with the services and assistance they need so they can achieve their goals and maximise their opportunities to participate as fully in society as they wish. LWB partners with communities, elders, Government and the private sector to ensure success with positive long-term change in the lives of people under LWB’s care.

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How to create consistent messaging and uptake of digital learning as part of an induction program overhaul

Life Without Barriers (LWB) needed help with inducting their children, young people and family staff.

LWB had previously engaged Kineo for their elearning ‘Welcome’ module and this bespoke project was their next step in progressing their learning content needs with Kineo to help provide engaging digital training for their staff.

The requirement for this training had become apparent following an audit with key insight of consistency across the organisation.  

Up until LWB engaged Kineo, staff received their face-to-face in some states, which lacked consistency between the states.  

The organisation had a small learning focused team and the workforce was getting used to elearning.  LWB were pleased with the take up and results of the first ‘Welcome’ module and this project had provided frames and assets that could be used for further training,  so it was a natural step to progress their ‘Induction’ module needs with familiar design style digital learning.

The elearning module needed to be completed across a group of 2,500 learners, comprising individuals that are constantly in motion; doers, rather than desk workers.

The content needed to provide national consistency across the LWB organization; with each state having a different focus to suit the social services needs across child, young people and family areas.  The goal was to amalgamate the best of the best learning content to work for the entire organisation. It was a complex challenge.


A mandatory hearts and minds approach that aligns with organisational values and provides consistency

The course was built with a LWB ‘hearts and minds’ approach; to be inclusive, caring and align with the organisational values – as mandatory training for all new staff.

Concise mobile onboarding for all learners to feel part of a unified community

One of the key learning goals was to achieve an organisational ‘language’ for consistency in working with children in residential care and foster carers caring in their own homes.  

  • The learning was designed to be undertaken on shift on a mobile device and completed within 20 mins.
  • Concise, straightforward learning content that engages to hold the learners’ attention was imperative.
  • The learner must click on all areas within the course to successfully complete the elearning and receive their certificate of completion.


A commitment to staff that unites the organisation and positively impacts culture

The professional elearning product has a wow factor, demonstrates a commitment to staff and has had an impact on building a positive culture

The LWB brand is reinforced through the digital training, uniting the brand with the workforce, demonstrating the professionalism of the organisation and an appreciation to the learner for joining the team.

The new strategy phase for the next 5 years is currently being rolled out with additional content to be included into the course that will further cement LWB’s commitment to LWB new starters across the children, young people and family program.

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