A digital training Induction Program for TransGrid that reinforces the company mission



TransGrid provides electricity to more than 3 million households and businesses across NSW, the ACT and other states. TransGrid’s core role is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient transmission services to the National Electricity Market.

Key project features

Audience Reach
Culture Transformation


How to standardise key company knowledge among new staff with a structured onboarding bespoke learning module

The company had a need for structured centralised onboarding for new staff at TransGrid. Once it was agreed a digital training module would work best for this exercise, TransGrid worked with Kineo’s bespoke instructional design team and an induction elearning module was created. Kineo had worked with TransGrid on previous digital training projects and had helped to build elearning modules.

The TransGrid induction elearning was designed as a mandatory course to be assigned to newly hired individuals and completed within the first two weeks of their employment. The team worked together to agree on key learning objectives, storyboard content and gather the key subject matter experts (SMEs) for each content area that would best represent each area of the business.


Creating centralised onboarding training for new staff at TransGrid that engages and transfers high levels of knowledge

The first stage was a series of two design workshops delivered face-to-face across two 1/2 days.  The module needed to cover:

TransGrid’s history, operations and how employees fit into the overall picture of the business’ mission: to build a workforce capable of transitioning and dedicated to being part of a renewable energy future for Australia.

Interactive learning content with key company information for consistent messaging

To provide a deep understanding of TransGrid’s business from the outset, that would enable new recruits to be set up for success was crucial. The key learning objectives were to maximise engagement with content that the learner could interact with, while absorbing key company knowledge.

The two design masterclasses were well received and helped to transform initial ideas into a tangible online learning piece to suit the audience, as well as incorporate individual learning styles.

Ongoing high-level communication and other regular touchpoints ensured a good progress pace. It was reassuring for the TransGrid L&D team to have expertise at hand and know what stage the project had progressed to, and at all times.


Induction elearning that successfully educates, builds a commitment to the brand and a belief of the company mission.

TransGrid is dedicated to supporting a workforce with vision and a sense of purpose, capable of performing quality work to the end customer. The successful, user rich piece of digital training has immediately impacted learners, aligning with the training goals set out – to educate, build a commitment to the brand and a belief in the company mission. This elearning can be passed seamlessly to the next person, in the next era. The best measure of success was the user feedback.

Most recently, an employee used the Induction module to help describe to an external partner, who TransGrid is, what the business does and why:    

“TransGrid is a highly regulated and dynamic organisation with the vision to lead the transition to a clean energy future. This is something the employees pride themselves on and through this induction module, this message can be shared with all new starters, ensuring they know exactly what they can be proud of too, as well as where they fit in. The induction offers longevity with its rich multimedia and animation, best representing the business’ mission and goals and will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect any significant changes which may occur”.

Upon completion of the induction course, multiple participants have commented saying this was:

“The best [induction elearning] I have ever done.”

There are also individuals that have been with the organisation for a long time that enrolled into the course, so they too could gain a comprehensive understanding of what the business does and how TransGrid operates.

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