First, let’s clear up what “going green” means to a business. Simply put, a green business is one that operates in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It means that the business looks for ways that it can reduce any negative impact it may have on the environment, the community around it, society as a whole, and the economy. Companies can do this by using recycled or organic materials in their products, reducing waste, or even encouraging customers to repair their items instead of buying new ones. Which is great for the environment: it can reduce the companies carbon footprint, conserve natural resources like water, energy and raw materials, and protect the ecosystems that companies draw their raw resource from. As an example, did you know some clothing brands will encourage you to repair torn clothing of theirs rather than throwing it out and buying a whole new item? It’s no different to getting your favourite boots re-soled rather than binning them and buying a new pair, but the companies themselves are encouraging you to do it, rather than the responsibility lying solely with you feeling like you don’t want to move on from your comfy clothes.

The benefits of a business going green aren’t just good for the environment. It can lead to long-term cost savings through reduced energy consumption, and minimising waste can save money on disposal costs or reduce the amount of product lost in the manufacturing process. It makes the business look good, which results in an enhanced brand reputation with consumers, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers. It can give companies a competitive advantage against other companies, making them more attractive during the bidding process. It can also mean that a company is more like to comply with environmental regulations, which can mean avoiding expensive fines or penalties.

Transitioning to a green business model doesn’t just help the environment – it can be seriously beneficial for your business!

Kineo Courses are proud to announce that the Becoming a Green Business course is now available. It provides learners with an understanding of:

  • the concept of a green business
  • the green skills required in the workforce and how to foster them
  • the benefits that green businesses enjoy
  • practical strategies for integrating green practices into your operations
  • how to overcome challenges and misconceptions about becoming a green business, and
  • what the future of green businesses looks like.

The course features high quality imagery, an engaging animation, interactive activities and information that focusses on green skills, green practices and the benefits for businesses of going green.

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