Leadership and Management

Working with information and ideas

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Working with information and ideas
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Leadership and Management
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Leaders must navigate their teams through the vast sea of information, experience, and knowledge assets. This course is designed to enhance your ability to work effectively with information and ideas. It includes understanding different learning styles and a structured approach that considers sourcing, analysing, presenting, and projecting information, focusing on precision, quality assurance, and continuous improvement.

Target Audience

Geared towards leaders, this course is part of the Information, Knowledge, and Learning series from our ready2lead range that explores information and learning strategies, emphasising the strategic role of leaders in shaping intellectual capital and fostering a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing, skill development, and continuous improvement.

Learning Outcomes

Master the comprehensive five-step approach to managing information, starting with sourcing information with a focus on quality assurance. Learn how to verify the accuracy and reliability of information through a detailed analytical process and the art of data visualisation. Understand the transition from analysis to presentation and how to convey information in a way that resonates with your audience, utilising both visual and verbal communication techniques. Learn strategies for ongoing evaluation and enhancement of information management processes.

Topics include: Working with Information and Ideas: Learning Styles - The Five-Step Approach - Managing Information with Precision - Step 1: Sourcing Information - Leveraging: Quality Assurance in Sourcing Information - Step 2: Analysing Information - The Analytical Process - Verifying Accuracy and Reliability - The Art of Data Visualisation - Transitioning from Analysis to Presentation - Step 3: Presenting Information -  Step 4: Projecting information - Step 5: Measuring Impact - Continuous Improvement.

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