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Verbal communication
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ready2work Personal Development

This course provides essential insights into effective verbal communication, emphasising the power of impactful messaging, the art of storytelling, and the strategic use of language. It also highlights the role of emotional intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and the integration of non-verbal communication to overcome barriers and enhance engagement across diverse settings. You will acquire skills to convey ideas persuasively, whether in one-on-one conversations or group settings.

Target Audience

All titles in our ready2work Personal Development range are tailored for individuals of all professional backgrounds and experience levels, offering essential skills in a wide array of everyday situations and settings. Whether you're just starting out in your professional journey or looking to take your career to the next level, this range is designed to equip you with skills and strategies to achieve your career goals.

Learning Outcomes

Learn techniques for crafting compelling messages and using storytelling to engage and persuade your audience effectively. Understand the importance of emotional intelligence in communication and how to navigate cultural sensitivities to foster positive interactions and resolve conflicts. Enhance your verbal communication skills by synergising non-verbal cues and active listening to create more meaningful and effective interactions.

Topics include: Verbal Communication: The Fundamentals of Effective Communication - Impactful Messaging - Storytelling for Engagement - The Persuasive Power of Analogies - Language Choice - The Right Words for Impact - Tone and Emotion - The Influence of Emotional Intelligence (EI) - Cultural Sensitivity - Conflict Resolution - Active Participation - Constructive Feedback - Synergy of Non-Verbal Communication and Active Listening - Barriers to Effective Communication - Positive Actions - Diverse Settings - Tips for Effective Presentations - Telephone Etiquette.

Contextualised Content

Verbal, Communication, Articulate, Listening, Messaging, Persuasion, Skills, Dialogue, Interactions, Professional, Clarity, Logic, Storytelling, Language, Emotion, Cultural, Sensitivity, Conflict, Resolution, Active, Listening, Feedback, Non-Verbal, Presentation, Telephone