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Types of teams
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This course delves into the importance of teams within an organisation, identifying when and why to use them, and exploring the various types and characteristics of modern teams. It covers team development phases, key roles, and the significance of investing time in team development to achieve high performance. By understanding such characteristics, strengths, and challenges, leaders can optimise performance and drive success.

Target Audience

Geared towards team leaders and supervisors, this course is part of the Team Relationships and Communication suite in our ready2lead range, designed to equip leaders with tools and strategies to lead and inspire their teams, fostering a collaborative and high-performance work environment.

Learning Outcomes

Recognise the various types of teams, their unique benefits, and the contexts in which they are most effective. Learn about the phases of team development, the key roles within a team, and how to encourage and model team effectiveness. Identify the traits of high-performance teams and the weaknesses to avoid, ensuring the creation of effective team performance plans with clear KPIs.

Topics include: Types of Teams: The Importance of Teams - When to Use a Team - Benefits of Teamwork - Types of Teams - Modern Teams - The Work of a Team - Why Invest Time to Develop a Team? - Phases of Team Development - Key roles - Encouraging Development - Modelling Team Effectiveness - Characteristics of High-Performance Teams - Weaknesses - Learning style - Effective Team Performance Plans - Setting KPIs.

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