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Tools for continuous improvement

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Tools for continuous improvement
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Leadership and Management
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This course focuses on tools and techniques to achieve critical standards in your workplace environment, people, processes, goods, and services. Whether the focus is on improving customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, quality control, or whatever it is that matters, we will look at planning and monitoring tools, service level agreements, customer feedback, and other initiatives that can help you identify ways to enhance performance and quality.

Target Audience

Our ready2manage titles focus on the specific skills required to manage operational functions. From strategic decision-making and performance optimisation to risk management and financial awareness, courses in this range target the evolving needs of aspiring to seasoned managers.

Learning Outcomes

Emphasise customer satisfaction through service level agreements, customer ratings, and feedback to ensure high quality and dependability. Implement tools like capacity planning, and inventory control to optimise operations, speed, and dependability. Utilise KPIs, rubrics, and continuous monitoring systems to maintain and improve service quality and operational performance.

Topics include: Tools for Continuous Improvement:  customer focus - service level agreements - customer ratings – pareto – feedback – suppliers – technology – operations - high quality, speed, dependability – monitoring and quality control – KPIs and rubrics – capacity planning and control - forecasting demand levels - choosing a capacity plan - level capacity - chase and manage demand plans - monitoring and review - inventory planning and control - volume timing - systems.

Contextualised Content

Continuous improvement, Quality management, Process improvement, Quality control, Continuous enhancement, Improvement strategies, Quality assurance, Performance improvement, Quality standards, Continuous development