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Respectful Workplace - Our Code of Conduct

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Respectful Workplace - Our Code of Conduct
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Our Code of Conduct details personal and professional behavioural requirements that are the foundation of our organisation’s culture and climate. In this course, you will learn about the principles of professionalism, service, diversity, and equal opportunity outlined in the code and understand responsibilities in upholding these principles. We identify negative behaviours such as discrimination, harassment, and bullying, with emphasis on compliance with the code so that everyone in our workplace can contribute to a positive work environment.

Target Audience

ready2start is a comprehensive series of courses designed to support a safe and positive workplace culture. Workers should complete these courses at the very start of their employment and most titles would need to be refreshed every one or two years based on workplace requirements to ensure they are updated with the latest protocols and practices.

Learning Outcomes

Learn the principles of professionalism, service, diversity, and equal opportunity outlined in the code. Learn to identify and address negative behaviours such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, and conflicts of interest, ensuring a safe and inclusive work environment. Learn about confidentiality, social media usage, privacy, and data breaches, and how to navigate ethical dilemmas.

Topics include: Respectful workplace (Code of Conduct): Who the code applies to - Workplace relationships - Professionalism - Service - Diversity and Equal Opportunity - Discrimination - Harassment - Bullying - Legitimate comment - Personal behaviour - Confidentiality - Social media - Public comment - Privacy and personal information – Data Breaches - Conflict of interest -  Bribery - Gifts and favours - Fair marketing - Securities trading - Outside employment and seminars - Environment Protection - Organisational resources - Intellectual property - Overviewing Work Health and Safety - Substance abuse - Reporting violations - External specialists and legal advice.

Contextualised Content

Respect, Workplace, Code, Relationships, Professionalism, Service, Diversity, Equal Opportunity, EEO, Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, Behaviour, Confidentiality, Social, Media, Comment, Privacy, Data, Breaches, Conflict, Bribery, Gifts, Favours, Marketing, Securities, Employment, Seminars, Environment, Resources, Intellectual Property, IP, Health, Safety, Substance-Abuse, Reporting, Violations, Specialists, Legal