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Introduction to data literacy

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Introduction to data literacy
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Data literacy skills are essential in a data-rich digital age where informed decision-making, critical thinking, responsible data usage, etc. are focal tools in modern workplaces.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for all staff.

Learning Outcomes

In the context of data literacy, you should be able to work with data, transform it into meaningful information, and extract valuable insights that can drive informed decision-making and problem-solving. Topics include:

- Data, information, and insights

- Ethical considerations

- Data Sources and Collection

- Quantitative and qualitative data

- Data collection options

- Data Analysis and Interpretation

- Descriptive statistics

- Data Visualisation (Charts and Graphs)

- Correlation and Causation

- Drawing meaningful insights from data

- Data Presentation and Communication

- Effective data storytelling

- Appropriate visualisation techniques

- Common pitfalls in data presentation

- Data Privacy and Security

- Anonymisation and de-identification techniques

- Data-Driven Decision Making

- A/B testing and experiments

- Evaluating the impact of decisions

- Data analysis software

- Data visualisation tools

- Cloud-based data platforms.

Contextualised Content

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