Health, Disability and Aged Care

Intercultural Communication in Aged Care - Ageing, Cognitive Decline, Dementia and Communication

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Health, Disability and Aged Care
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Subject Matter Expert
University of South Australia
University of South Australia

The better we know the language and culture, the person and the situation, the better we are at intercultural communication and care.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at supervisory and direct care staff working in multicultural aged care environments.

Learning Outcomes

In this module we explore:

  • perspectives on the behaviour and needs of people with cognitive decline or dementia
  • how clinical variations between individuals and within individuals over time influence their behaviour and needs
  • the role of our own behaviour and the environment
  • strategies for communicating and providing safety and care through knowing the individual.

This course can be undertaken individually, or as part of a fuller education offering in the Intercultural Communication in Aged Care suite.

ageing, cognitive decline, dementia, residents,UNISA, University of South Australia