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Assessing Personality Types at Work

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Assessing Personality Types at Work
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Personal Development
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We all function in a habitual manner that reflects the pattern of a basic personality type. As we mature, we recognise that we can avoid negative reactions by understanding our own personalities as well as those of the people we deal with. In this course, we investigate different personality types in more detail and look at a personality assessment tool called an Enneagram that can be used to identify personality traits and how they affect behaviour.

Target Audience

This course is designed for all employees, contractors and other workers in an organisation. The concepts and skills are designed to help expand your knowledge, skills and confidence to better perform your role and achieve your workplace goals.

Learning Outcomes

This course is from the ready2work range, which delivers invaluable learning in essential skills, personal qualities and values that will help you to thrive in your workplace. Topics covered in this course include: understanding your own personality type; personality testing; workplace applications; career and job choices; communication styles; learning styles.

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ready2work; workplace; skills; competencies; competency; policies; procedures; knowledge; experience; personality; career; job choices; communication; learning.