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Workskil Australia

Workskil Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers several programs to help job seekers of all ages and abilities, and has a focus on disability, youth, community, and Indigenous services. Workskil Australia’s main employment support program is ‘jobactive’. Customers in this program are typically registered with Centrelink / Services Australia for income support payments and Workskil Australia supports them to find and secure sustainable employment.

Key project features

Kineo Courses Compliance Library
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Workskil Australia’s vision and mission for learning    

The not-for-profit employment service and community services provider organisation has been established for 40 years.

Maja Pasariček, now Learning and Development Manager first joined Workskil Australia 18 years ago when there were less than 100 staff and Workskil had 11 offices operating only in South Australia.

Accelerate to the present day and Workskil Australia now spans 60 offices nationwide and is situated across 4 states: WA, SA, VIC and NSW.

Workskil Australia’s training needs are two-fold, requiring an approach for staff and job seeking customers.


Working together to meet training needs

Following the learning management system (LMS) implementation in 2015 with the creation of two separate learning portals, Workskil Australia started to utilise the Kineo Courses/Learnforce platform to onboard new staff.  

In 2016 the L&D team began to utilise the Activity Builder feature to build bespoke tailored courses to address specific learning needs.  

Building compliance knowledge competency

Learners build mandatory compliance knowledge competency across key workplace topics that include: Bullying and Harassment Training for Employees,  Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees and Work health and Safety Fundamentals. Most of the training is undertaken in the first few weeks of the job, some learning topics are repeated as refresher training annually.

For customers, in the Transition to Work, the mission and vision is for young job seekers to build pathways to realise employment goals.  

What is the vision for learning within the organisation?

Governed by the strategic plan and supported by operational plans that clearly defines and sets up what the team need to achieve, the next two years will focus on continuing to assist the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society to achieve economic and social independence. Learning and development for the workforce and the customers is an important aspect of successfully delivering on this mission.  

A blended learning approach to address the workforce development plan is being executed, with a reliance on online training from Kineo’s compliance library to cover compulsory titles, complemented with webinars and face-to-face training, including onboarding sessions.  

Nowadays, the team uses software to build more interactive engaging training, made available to all operational staff. The modern look and feel meets the expectation of learners wanting sophisticated content. Fun, interactive activities with gamification methodology help learners retain knowledge and apply it in practice.  


Why Kineo Courses is the right choice for Workskil Australia  

Kineo Courses compliance library meets the key training needs of both staff and customers. Digital training topics are relevant, current with a high-quality look and feel that aligns to the office-based organisation where staff operate as virtual consultants. The visual content is dynamic and training titles incorporate key information in simple language without tokenistic statements.

Workskil Australia can now wholly cater for remote learning, which is imperative for operational success as we continue to navigate COVID-19 challenges.  

New starters in first 6 months must complete 19 mandatory modules. People enjoy the offer and the learning options beyond this. Leaders in the business like the whole training suite dedicated to leadership and management, and the L&D team love the Activity Builder with SCORM for uploading or building an activity from scratch.

Kineo Courses online learning library is relevant, convenient, and contemporary.  The learning design evolves to meet changing learner needs and is contextualised, relating to their type of role. Short videos and animations continue to break away from the traditional style of learning and that gets a big thumbs up!    

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