Health, Disability and Aged Care

Positive Behaviour Support

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Health, Disability and Aged Care
Course Duration
Subject Matter Expert
Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA)

This course has been developed to exemplify the positive behaviour support approach which focusses on addressing the needs of a person with a disability, and on improving their quality of life. The idea of the course is to introduce these concepts to disability support workers and to encourage them to use positive approaches to behaviour support in their work.

Target Audience

This is course is designed for any person who may be supporting another individual with positive behaviour support.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides an understanding of:

  • the meaning of ‘quality of life’ and how to apply strategies to improve the quality of life for the people you support 
  • what the positive behaviour support framework is, why we use it and how to apply the framework in your everyday work life
  • how to recognise and implement proactive strategies when presented with behaviours of concern, as well as analyse the function of the behaviour, and
  • the impact of communication and the importance of understanding both verbal and non-verbal communication.
disability quality of life disability support workers framework verbal and non-verbal communication