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Identify and respond to retail security risks

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Identify and respond to retail security risks
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Sales and Customer Service
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ready2work Retail

This course provides comprehensive strategies for identifying and responding to various security risks in the retail workplace. Emphasising vigilance and preparedness, we investigate procedures for merchandise and cash protection, theft prevention, and the importance of established policies and procedures designed to ensure a secure environment. It further guides on appropriate actions within the scope of job role to react to various incidents.

Target Audience

This course is from the ready2work Retail series, which is designed for both new and experienced retail professionals. The series offers practical skills crucial for success in the retail industry, such as customer service, sales techniques, inventory management, security, point-of-sale systems, etc., designed to help improve customer experiences, boost sales, and enhance operational efficiency.

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to recognise suspicious behaviour, understand common theft methods, and implement strategies to minimise theft, ensuring the safety of merchandise, cash, and non-cash items. Gain insights into effective cash handling procedures, securing point-of-sale terminals, preventing transaction errors, and maintaining overall cash and register security. Understand the importance of following emergency procedures, conducting daily store inspections, reporting suspicious behaviour, and adhering to organisational policies to maintain a safe and secure workplace.

Topics include: Identify and Respond to Security Risks: Emergency Procedures - Vigilance and Preparedness - Potential Risks to Merchandise, Cash, and Non-Cash - Stock Control - Merchandise Pricing - Maintaining Security of Hot Merchandise - Recognising Suspicious Shoppers - Common Theft Methods - Adhering to Organisational Policies - Surveillance Equipment Maintenance - Securing Point-of-Sale Terminals - Preventing P.O.S. Theft - Opening and Closing Equipment - Handling Cash Transactions - Cash Handling Procedures - Verifying Prices and Change - Transaction Error Procedures - Clearing and Transferring Cash - Maintaining Cash and Register Security - Cash Counts and Deposits - Minimising Theft - Exchange and Return Procedures - Prioritising Personal Safety - Reporting Suspicious Behaviour - Approaching Suspects - Shoplifting Policies - Theft Prevention Strategies - Identifying Opportunities - Daily Store Inspections - Ongoing Security Reporting - Addressing Honest Mistakes.

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