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Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees

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Ethics and Conduct
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Subject Matter Expert
Thomson Geer

Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees is a training course designed to provide workers with an understanding of what behaviour is considered unlawful and unacceptable. The course defines EEO, types of discrimination, protected attributes and how the complaints process is handled. This course is based on Australian legislation and is designed to support human resource training programs.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at all employees in the Australian workplace. The course outlines situations and organisations that may be exempt from EEO requirements.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides Australian workers with the following training.

  • What equal employment opportunity (EEO) means.
  • The legislation that applies to EEO
  • Behaviour that is considered unlawful discrimination, and defences and exceptions.
  • How organisations should manage an internal complaints process.
  • What happens when an individual makes an external complaint.
Discrimination, Employment Law, Behaviour, Stress, Intimidation, Bullied, Cyber, Offensive, Human Resource, Change, Wellbeing, Fair, Job, Human Rights, Disability, Industrial, Fair Work, EEO