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Core Module 6 - SIRXRSK001 Identify and respond to security risks

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Core Module 6 - SIRXRSK001 Identify and respond to security risks
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Sales and Customer Service
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Loss in any form affects a store's profit result and the future pricing of goods to the customer. This course describes the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge required to identify security risks related to customers, team members, merchandise, and money, and to then take appropriate action within the scope of your job role to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Target Audience

This course is for all employees, contractors and other workers in the retail industry. The concepts and skills are designed to help expand your knowledge, skills and confidence to better perform your role and achieve your retail workplace goals.

Learning Outcomes

This course is from the ready4retail range, which delivers essential personal skills, behaviours and values that will help you to realise your full potential in the retail environment. Topics covered in this course include: Identify security risks to the safety of customers, team members, and yourself - Emergency procedures - The importance of being vigilant and prepared - Identify potential risks to merchandise, cash, and non-cash - Shrinkage - Stock control - Merchandise pricing - Maintain security of hot merchandise - Internal theft - Thieves dont just target merchandise Robbery - Remain vigilant - Maintain surveillance equipment - Secure point-of-sale terminals - Handle cash according to store security procedures - Procedures for transaction errors - Maintain security of cash and non-cash, cash register, and keys -Take appropriate action to minimise theft - Identify and apply store procedures in regard to exchanges and returns - Prioritise personal safety when responding to security breaches - Report suspicious behaviour to relevant personnel - Approaching suspects - The shoplifter is under no obligation to return to the store - The best way to minimise theft is to minimise the opportunity - Walk the floor each morning, looking for weaknesses - Ongoing reporting of security risks - Honest people can make honest mistakes.

Contextualised Content

ready4retail; retail; customer; service; security; stock; alarms; safety; risk; security; suspicious; theft; surveillance; bags; cash; POS; keys.