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Contractor Safety Management

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Contractor Safety Management
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This course covers legislation, regulations, and best practices in contractor safety management. Topics include legal responsibilities, risk management, site induction, hazard identification, and incident reporting. By course completion, you'll understand safety policies and procedures, ensuring compliance and fostering a safe work environment for contractors.

Target Audience

ready2start is a comprehensive series of courses designed to support a safe and positive workplace culture. Workers should complete these courses at the very start of their employment and most titles would need to be refreshed every one or two years based on workplace requirements to ensure they are updated with the latest protocols and practices.

Learning Outcomes

Explore legal responsibilities, regulations, and policies governing contractor safety management to ensure compliance and mitigate risks effectively. Learn best practices in risk management, site induction, hazard identification, and safe work methods to create a safe working environment for contractors. Develop skills in incident reporting, near-miss reporting, and implementing corrective measures to foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement in contractor safety management.

Topics include: Contractor Safety Management: Legislation and Regulations, Policies and Procedures - Legal Responsibility - Risk Management - Site Induction - Mandatory Safety Rules (MSRs) - Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) - Regulated hazards - Manual handling - Lifting and Carrying - Hazardous Substances - Working at Heights - Scaffolding -  Using Ladders - Dust - Security and Access - Workplace safety - Electrical Safety - Removal and Disposal of Waste - Reporting Incidents and Near Misses

Contextualised Content

Legislation, Regulations, Policies, Procedures, Legal, Responsibility, Risk, Management, Site, Induction, Mandatory, Safety, Rules, MSRs, Job, Analysis, JSA, Safe, Work, Method, Statement, SWMS, Hazards, Manual, Handling, Lifting, Carrying, Hazardous, Substances, Working, Heights, Scaffolding, Ladders, Dust, Security, Access, Electrical, Disposal, Waste, Reporting, Incidents, Near, Misses