Health and Safety

Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace

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Health and Safety
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This course has been developed to provide an awareness of the dangers posed by asbestos. It explains where asbestos risks might occur in the workplace and some of the controls used to minimise and eliminate these risks.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at those who are responsible for the management of asbestos in the Australian workplace, aimed to protect workers from asbestos exposure to protect building occupants and others at the workplace.

Completing this course does not equate to either of the asbestos removal licences, but provides the fundamentals of best practice management.

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide an understanding of:

  • what asbestos is
  • the dangers presented by asbestos
  • how to identify asbestos in the workplace, and
  • some of the laws, roles and responsibilities associated with asbestos and safe asbestos removal.
mesothelioma, fibrous, mineral, fireproof, insulation, building, materials, cancer, Workplace Health and Safety