Monash Health

Monash Health is Victoria’s largest public health service providing safe, high-quality care to one-quarter of Melbourne’s population, across the entire lifespan, from pre-birth to end-of-life.

Key project features

Totara Platform
Fast Response
Multi Device


Fast turnaround and mass delivery of critical compliance training during COVID-19

Monash Health (in cooperation with the Victorian DHHS and the Federal Department of Health), approached Kineo to extend the existing partnership. At that time, they were challenged by rising COVID-19 cases spreading into residential Aged Care facilities when the second wave hit Victoria and the state was experiencing an alarming 500-700 cases per day.

Monash Health, DHHS and the Federal Department of Health wanted to quickly deploy Monash Health’s existing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) digital training and replicate their Kineo Edition Totara LMS platform infrastructure, features and functionality across an additional 70,000 residential care workers in Victoria.

This initiative was in addition to the partnership that Kineo has had with Monash Health, since 2013, in providing online training for up to 50,000 staff.    

The objective was to ensure that residential care workers have access to appropriate and timely PPE training, accessible across any device and available at any time. The training would also facilitate reporting and certification of residential care workers across the state.  


Trust, dedication and close collaboration to meet an essential training need

The build itself was simple and straightforward, however the LMS was a new version which meant there were intricacies for the Monash Health users to get up to speed with – and fast.

The team worked tirelessly and in close collaboration in order to get the platform up and running. Kineo and Monash Health were able to fast track a six-week implementation into five days, resulting in the Monash Health residential care platform being ready in record time. The ‘all hands-on deck’ approach proved successful and given the solid close working partnership. Individuals were aware of their strengths and weaknesses that provided a good foundation for action

Customising preferences to deliver learning faster while bridging skills gaps with technology

Monash Health’s Senior Manager – Organisational Development and Learning commented that “the commitment and pace of Kineo team to get the job done effortlessly was a godsend to get the needs met to the DHHS and The Premier.” This was the biggest aspect of the project that meant the most.

The LMS was customised for an inhouse look and feel and with the likes of a tailored registration form, allowing the freedom to innovate.  Kineo was responsive by meeting these preferences swiftly while adding learning content and helping to bridge technical user gaps with the new system.

Adding value and support for fast learning acquisition

Due to Kineo’s experience within Healthcare and Aged Care, Kineo was also able to provide further learning on Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers to bolster best practice PPE training content.

Kineo is now providing the ongoing support, hosting and maintenance of the Kineo Edition Totara LMS system.

First level support to residential care workers that may need assistance logging into the platform has also been made available to make the experience as seamless and user friendly as possible.


Successful outcome made possible with trust, passion and dedication  

To be able to make a demonstrable difference by upskilling thousands of aged care workers when the COVID-19 pandemic in the state of Victoria was at its worst and residential aged care facilities were under significant stress.

With vital training to ensure infection spread minimisation via the Kineo Edition Totara LMS, Monash Health has been delighted with the dedication and speed of this project roll out.

Freedom to innovate has been experienced through customisable forms. An illustration of this is the customisable visitor form that was built to include data capture of all 2500 postcodes across Victoria.

This project outcome was made possible due to the focus and deliberation of the team involved that worked tirelessly to help frontline workers in a time of dire need.

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