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Elective Module 3 - SIRRMER002 Merchandise Food Products

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Elective Module 3 - SIRRMER002 Merchandise Food Products
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Businesses that handle food are required to follow health and safety procedures at every stage of the food production life cycle, and to protect employees and customers from associated hazards. In this course, we will overview food safety standards and obligations to produce and present safe food. Safe food describes food that will not cause illness or other physical harm to a person eating it.

Target Audience

This course is for all employees, contractors and other workers in the retail industry. The concepts and skills are designed to help expand your knowledge, skills and confidence to better perform your role and achieve your retail workplace goals.

Learning Outcomes

This course is from the ready4retail range, which delivers essential personal skills, behaviours and values that will help you to realise your full potential in the retail environment. Topics covered in this course include: Merchandise food products - Food safety standards place obligations on food businesses to produce and present safe food - Food display guidelines - If handled properly, all food can be safe - Personal hygiene - Specific responsibilities relate to the health of people who handle food - Using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment - Manufacturer Instructions - Cleaning and sanitising display equipment, and checking for defects - Food safety requirements - Labelling Products - Wrapping, packing, and plating food - Displaying food products - Food handling risks will vary from business to business depending on the nature of the business - Identify and use correct food display techniques - Ensure correct pricing and labelling of food displays - Return excess stock from displays - Replenishing stock - Maintain Cleanliness - Identifying damaged, deteriorated, spoiled or out of date food - Monitoring display temperatures - Additionally, the 2 hour / 4 hour rule can be applied.

Contextualised Content

ready4retail; retail; customer; service; food handling; safe food; disgard food; dispay food.