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Core Module 4 - SIRXIND003 Organise Personal Work Requirements

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Core Module 4 - SIRXIND003 Organise Personal Work Requirements
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Sales and Customer Service
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This course describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to organise and prioritise individual work requirements. It requires the ability to identify tasks for completion, complete tasks according to workplace requirements and respond to changes in personal work requirements.

Target Audience

This course is for all employees, contractors and other workers in the retail industry. The concepts and skills are designed to help expand your knowledge, skills and confidence to better perform your role and achieve your retail workplace goals.

Learning Outcomes

This course is from the ready4retail range, which delivers essential personal skills, behaviours and values that will help you to realise your full potential in the retail environment. Topics covered in this course include: Identifying Personal Work Requirements - Job descriptions define the various roles performed in most retail environments - Retail challenges for task allocation - Clarifying your responsibilities - Plan and organise daily work activities within the scope of the responsibility - Organisational procedures
Prioritising your tasks - A simple rating system - Productivity is improved through efficiency - Completing personal work requirements - How to break down large projects & tasks into bite-sized tasks - Task planning is typically designed to reflect the strategies of the organisation - Specified timelines - Managing scheduled timelines - Managing Yourself - Identifying changes to personal work requirements and reprioritising tasks - Seek assistance from relevant personnel to confirm change in priorities - Communicating change.

Contextualised Content

ready4retail; retail; customer; service; security; transactions; shift-work; attendance; rosters; culture; diversity; performance; career; awards; agreements; presentation; hygiene; information.