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Understanding ESG means influencing corporate and cultural behaviour, and having a genuine impact on your community and the environment.

It’s about making decisions that lead to a sustainable future.A world where all our choices have a positive effect.

That’s why Kineo’s ESG Training courses are for businesses who are serious about making a world of difference.

Serious about ESG. Serious about change.

Embrace positive change with our trusted ESG Partners:


Kineo’s ESG elearning imparts a world of knowledge to your staff, in a comprehensive suite of premium off-the-shelf training courses.
These courses are essential for your company, ensuring effective compliance and scalability.
By positively shaping organisational and cultural behavior, you can authentically impact your community and the environment.
Engage your team in the business's sustainability journey with Kineo's industry-leading ESG training.
Because it makes a world of difference. To the world.
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Kineo ESG Training.

Explore our comprehensive suite of courses, designed to address every facet of Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibilities. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the world of ESG, Kineo ESG Training equips you with the tools to make a meaningful impact.

Even if ESG is uncharted territory for your team, our courses provide the knowledge and confidence necessary to begin your journey toward sustainable practices.

Our full list of courses is available now:
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If you care about our planet and safeguarding its future,
you care about ESG.
All your business decisions and actions influence your:
  • Stakeholders’ investment decisions
  • Financial performance and ROI
  • Staff’s workplace satisfaction and retention
  • Relationships and loyalty with customers and stakeholders
  • Competitive point of difference
  • Acquisition of top talent
  • Long-term business success
The more your staff are aware of the ESG principles, the better your business is placed.

How can ESG training benefit your business?

Kineo ESG training is designed together with the highest regarded specialists, so you can:

Achieve your ambitious ESG goals
Gain the knowledge and skills to lead sustainable practices and understand your reporting requirements.
Harness the power of your people
Empower your staff with meaningful, engaging and highly effective training that employs a mix of multimedia, real life scenarios and interactive quizzes for best results.
Transform your business
Increase your bottom line, acquire and retain top talent, and strengthen your competitive point of difference. Set up your business for long-term success.
2.5 million course completions every year
Rated 4.54 out of
5 stars
20 years leading experience
Implement and scale straight away
WCAG 2.1 compliance for everyone’s accessibility
Committed to net-zero by 2040
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Our Subject Matter Experts

With a rich history spanning over 145 years, City & Guilds not only champions skill development but also prioritises sustainable practices. Their commitment to a sustainable future is evident in their goal to halve their carbon footprint by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. Their approach, incorporating ecological stewardship, human potential enhancement, and product innovation, plays a pivotal role in shaping Kineo's ESG courses to meet the urgent and evolving needs of modern businesses.

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Focused on steering businesses towards decarbonisation, Green & Good excels in providing services like sustainability strategy development, comprehensive carbon footprinting, and establishing actionable net-zero pathways. Their expertise injects a vital dimension into Kineo’s ESG courses, ensuring that the training not only meets current market demands but also equips professionals with the foresight and skills for leading in an increasingly sustainable
business landscape.

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Hear from our early adopters.

“The ESG content is vibrant and informative, offering the right amount of information in a user-friendly format that's easy to use and understand.”
“The content is fantastically curated as well as created and forms a great actionable blueprint and operational starter kit for organisations trying to articulate their sustainability goals.”
“Between the artistic design and no-nonsense approach to introducing environmental concepts, Kineo’s climate and sustainability courses are a perfect addition to an ESG program.”