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As learners, we are better at absorbing content when it is relatable to us. When the images and context matches what we see in our lives, we feel more connected to what we’re learning. Imagine a course that is personalised to your situation. One that delivers content specific to your location, your type of work, or your environment – at no extra cost.

Our contextualised content makes it easy to roll out a single course, with the same learning outcomes, adapted to the individual.

your industry, reflected
Plug and play an off-the-shelf course that reflects your industry and diverse learner roles without further customisation.
LEGISLATION made local
personalised content for learners.

Contextualisation Overview

Contextualised for industry

It’s simpler for a learner to relate to the course when the content has an industry framework that is relevant to that person. It deepens their understanding of the topic and allows them to transfer this knowledge back to their job, where it really matters. Our current focus industries include:

Healthcare | Construction | Generalist Outdoor Worker | General / Office
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Contextualised for location

Contextualisation allows us to provide you with content based on your place of work. We have contextualised versions that reflect the legislation or process most appropriate to your location.

Our current focus regions include:

Australia | New Zealand | Hong Kong | Singapore | United Kingdom | Malaysia
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Contextualised for accessibility, diversity and inclusion

Your people learn differently and have a wide range of learning needs. When training is designed inclusively, your people learn better. This is vital to ensuring your business creates equal opportunity, promotes diversity, and stands for anti-discrimination. Our courses align with WCAG 2.1 AA to ensure our learning is accessible to everyone.
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Contextualisation White Paper

You want to know staff are equipped with the highest quality knowledge, but the challenge of learner engagement remains consistent. Kineo Courses has been working towards a solution. The answer lies in contextualisation.

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Bullying and Harassment for Employees

Macedon Ranges Shire Council

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Manual Tasks
for Workers

City of Salisbury

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Work Health and Safety Fundamentals

City of Marion

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